A device designed for quick and user-friendly cleaning of trees and casting flaskss used in the process of casting jewelry using the lost wax method.
After placing the flask on the rollers, mounting tree in the jaws and pressing the START key, the automatic washing process will start. The Tree and flask will begin to rotate in a strong stream of water, and an additional trolley moving along the length of the tree will ensure thorough rinsing of the casting mass.

This device uses a high-pressure water pump (200bar).

The user can set the length of the washed tree and the number of trolley passes, thanks to which the duration of one washing process is limited to an absolute minimum, and the trolley itself does not make idle trips.

The entire process is clearly visible thanks to the transparent cover and waterproof LED lighting inside the chamber.

The optional equipment of the ACL-1 washer is a cascade separator of used casting powder. The double chamber of the tank allows for the separation of solid impurities (sludge) from the water, and the sludge itself is collected into bags placed in it.