An induction furnace adapted for melting bullion bars of a precisely defined mass. The precisely weighed material is poured into forms of the desired shape and melted by the electromagnetic field in the shortest possible time. The temperature measurement takes place in the middle of the graphite mold and it is conducted by the K type thermocouple.

The graphite mold is placed manually on top of the inductor chamber, and the magnetic field has an impact from the bottom. After melting alloy, form stays in place until the metal clots.

The upper arrangement of the graphite mold of the use of a burner (propane-butane) to control the cooling of the molds and to create a reducing atmosphere.

The maximum size of the graphite mold is determined by the outer diameter of Ø150mm and the height of 30mm. This means that we can make any size of the forms within these dimensions.

Rated voltage: 400V/50Hz
Rated power: 10kW
Working temperature: 1200 ºC, 1400 ºC
Number of ingots:
Working size ingot:
External dimensions: 40x90x37cm
Weight: 30kg