The vacuum-pressure casting machines of the Agatronic K series is combined device with a built-in low frequency induction furnace for casting jewellery with the use of the investment casting method. A special microprocessor controller constructed on the basis of the latest solutions in the field of industrial automation watches over the course of the process. The controller communicates with operators via a 7 inch TFT touch screen. In this fully automatic machine the casting process is carried out according to a programmed algorithm, also called a foundry programme, and the operating activities are limited only to filling the crucible with an alloy, placing the proper flask in the chamber and pressing the START key. After about 3-4 minutes the device opens the casting chamber itself and informs you about this fact with an audible signal. In addition, 15 minutes after the flask has been filled, the machine controller will remind you to insert the flask into the water. Thanks to this solution the machine can be operated by employees after a short, maximum 15-minute training, without any experience in the jewellery casting industry. The user can also use the vibrator function. While filling the flask with liquid metal, the casting chamber vibrates at a constant frequency, which accelerates the process of filling the flask and increases the homogenization of the alloy.

The Agatronic K casting machin are equipped with the strongest in this section 10kW low-frequency generator ensuring melting of the full crucible in 1-2 minutes. At the same time, a powerful generator ensures strong mixing of all the components of the liquid alloy with the electromagnetic field. The same devices operate graphite crucibles, in which the bottom stopper of the crucible is moved away from the axis towards its wall. Thanks to this solution the user gains more space for placing large pieces of foundry alloy in it. This is of great importance in the case of 50/50 casting, i.e. 50% of pure metal and 50% of scrap obtained from the casting tree cores. Increased space in the crucible allows you to omit the process of metal preparation, cutting or briquetting of the casting material.

Another facility in the Agatronic K casting machin is a mass calculator that allows you to quickly measure the mass of the alloy components. By giving the test and the total weight of the casting tree, we get a mass of pure metal and a mass of alloy additives.
In the automatic model - the Agatronic K, the user‘s action is limited only to pressing the START key. 

Agatronic K
Type of operation:
Rated voltage: 380-400V/50-60Hz
Rated power:
Electrical installation:
Working temperature:



Interface type:
colorful touch screen
Crucible capacity:


(4,3kg Au18ct)

Vibration function:
Electromagnetic field mixing:
in standard
Maximum flask: Ø120x300mm
Number of casting programs: 30
Funkcja wibracji: option
Granulator: option 
External dimensions:
Weight: 195kg

Agatronic K