Vulcanizing presses are used in the creation of rubber jewellery dies. The devices are equipped with two independent aluminum hot plates which guarantee perfect temperature transfer to the vulcanising frame. A characteristic feature of the vulcanizer is the short waiting time for obtaining the desired temperature with a simultaneous low power consumption. This parameter was obtained thanks to the use of modern compact heaters. In contrast to the lower AW02 model, the pneumatic press AW03 has a lower plate controlled by a pneumatic actuator. Clamping the vulcanising frame consists of:

- placing it between the hot plates,
- initial twisting of the upper plate, mounted on a threaded shank,
- setting on the gauge (pressure gauge) the pressure with which the bottom plate will press the frame against the top plate,
- setting the control button to the upper position, which will raise the actuator and tighten the vulcanising frame to the upper heating plate.

The advantage of the above solution is the constant compression force during the rubber vulcanization process. The pressure reducer in which the vulcanizer is equipped constantly controls the pressure force, and thus it releases the operator from the obligation to "tighten" the plates loosening due to the loss of excess rubber from the frame. An additional advantage is high repeatability of the clamping force value, which is impossible to achieve in traditional vulcanizing presses.

The presses are equipped with electronic timers informing about the completion of the vulcanization process.

AW02 AW03
Rated voltage: 230V/50Hz 230V/50Hz
Rated power: 600W 600W
Maximum temperature: 0-200 ºC 0-200 ºC
Pneumatic lifter:
Compressed air pressure:
800kPa (8bar)
Heating plates dimensions:
Distance betwen plates:
External dimensions: 38x34x55cm 
Weight: 20kg