The induction heating technology is characterized by its high efficiency and high work dynamics. Its application in the field of casting jewellery opens up new possibilities previously unheard of in the use of resistance furnaces. One of the invaluable advantages is the phenomenon of "induction stirring". The above qualities, however, pose certain requirements, for example the requirement to cool the entire device with the water cycle.
A solution may be a sewerage water intake, however, induction machine manufacturers as well as economic and ecological issues exclude this type of operation.
An alternative is a closed cooling water circuit. The advantage of it is a constant amount of water used to work with the induction device, constant temperature of the cooling system and quiet and economical operation.
In connection with the above facts, we present you a device dedicated to all induction furnaces and casting machines, produced by the leading Italian manufacturer of refrigeration equipment.

Rated voltage: 230V/50-60Hz
Rated power:   2kW
Cooling power: 4,4kW
Water temperature controller: yes
Water tank capacity: 25 litres
External dimensions:
Weight: 113kg