The WW03 wax injector was designed to make models by using the investment casting method. On the front wall there is a main injection valve and a handy control panel with a digital temperature controller, a working pressure reducer and a main switch. Temperature regulation is carried out by means of a PID microprocessor temperature controller, coupled with a semiconductor sensor which measures the temperature of the wax in the injection valve. The measurement accuracy is ± 0.2ºC. The pressure in the tank is regulated by means of the pressure regulator knob. The design of the tank and the drain valve excludes the possibility of any impurities from getting into the injected model.

Rated voltage: 220-230V/50-60Hz
Rated power: 500W
Maximum temperature: 0-90ºC
Injection pressure: 0-200kPa
Tank capacity: 3500cm^3 (3,5L)
External dimensions:
Weight: 12kg